Truly Automated Static Application Security Testing ( SAST )

Make your mobile apps more secure with one-click static scans with Appknox.

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Simplified SAST for Mobile App Security

  • Surface vulnerabilities before they turn into a threat
  • Don’t let security become an unpredictable blocker when you go to market
  • Integrate security as a regular part of your development cycle without shifting existing practices
Test cases for Android
>2 min
For a robust static scan

SAST With Appknox Works Wonders

Here’s Why

Dashboard to get you started

Once inside Appknox, all your apps appear in a single dashboard. Take a quick glance to understand the level of vulnerabilities and scans that are done/pending.

SAST Dashboard

Bulletproof your applications with all the test cases

Appknox is configured with the plethora of test cases needed to pass legally regulated compliance tests. Easily check the status of test case against the scans within the assessment report.

Bulletproof  your apps with all the test cases

Everything you need to know about the vulnerabilities

Get deeper insights about the vulnerabilities, how it impacts your business and its compliance to regulatory frameworks.

Everything you need to know about vulnerabilities

Identify, Fix and Remediate

No need to scour the code to fix the vulnerabilities. Appknox surfaces the exact whereabouts so you can quickly locate and fix them.

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Upload any Source Code, APK, IPA for SAST

It doesn’t matter what stage of development you are at and when you choose to test for vulnerabilities. We’ve got you covered either way. Upload any source code, APK, IPA and Appknox will run the scans on them.

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Hear from customers who stay secure with Appknox.

Learn how Appknox’s capabilities go beyond SAST.


Dynamic Application
Testing (DAST)


API Security Testing


Penetration Testing(PT)



Make Application Security a priority before it’s too late. Enable your development team with automated SAST scans by Appknox.

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