Software Weakness

This term can be explained as a flaw in your software that could enable a hacker to access your system. These defects have many reasons, one of which is how your software has been designed.

These flaws can be helpful to the attacker for their burglary as they take advantage of the defects in the Windows operating system. With these software weaknesses, hackers can have control over multiple systems worldwide.

To get the gist of this term, we can imagine these hackers to be burglars, and the malicious software they use to get into our system database is their burglary tools.

Have you ever heard of the term Human Error? Well, this term is the key to this concept. Human beings are imperfect, and their work cannot always be 100 per cent correct. The result might contain flaws and errors that create a door for potential attackers to get in.

Flaws And Weak Points of Software Weakness

The flaws humans create as mistakes can also be termed a vulnerability. Unfortunately, these vulnerabilities give allowance to the hacker, and one of the common vulnerabilities is SQL Injection.

This one works based on queries the attacker creates containing code in a programming language known as SQL. A website that lacks proper protection can have a threat as the SQL commands will be executed in them, giving the appropriate hacker control over the whole database and sometimes even the website.

In the same way, many users who prefer Java programming language can be victims of these malicious codes that can help a potential hacker take command of your system. Adobe Flash Player is one of them. It can have numerous vulnerabilities that allow your database to be exploited.

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Software Development And vulnerability

These vulnerabilities can prevail in any kind of software. One of the best and most famous examples is the well-known browser Firefox. 100+ errors and vulnerabilities have been found in this one every year since 2009.

In addition, about 15 new ones have been identified in Microsoft Internet Explorer since 2017.

Developing software requires time, concentration, hard work, energy, and, most importantly, knowledge. This lengthy procedure cannot always be perfect. Software developers give their best to provide the companies with a secure version, but sometimes a shortage of time, the pressure of deadlines, and other reasons can lead to imperfect software. 

Once launched, companies might get complaints from the users, and rectify that, they release updates to make the security standards of the system go higher. 

These fixes are known as patches.

The software companies have to be accountable for these errors their users face. To be in business, they must keep implementing new programs and updating their older versions to maintain everything intact.

With such a design disaster, the attackers can get easy access to the versions that do not have patches or aren't updated with security.