Top 10 Advantages of Using Automated Testing Deployment in Cloud

Everyone is moving to the cloud. Just like any other type of tool, even the latest automated testing tools are now packaged to be cloud-enabled. QA engineers can now run parallel tests on hundreds of combinations of systems, Devices, and browsers on the cloud at any time they want, without any hassles. This ends up saving time, money, and resources, resulting in high-quality products delivered swiftly to the client. Therefore, these cloud testing tools play a prominent role in the IT industry.

This article will help you understand what cloud-based automated testing is, and will also detail its many advantages. And yes, a few cloud-based automation testing tools are also mentioned in this article to help you get started!



Automated Testing in the Cloud - What Does it Mean? Why Move to the Cloud?

Automated testing is a secret recipe to help you drive into successful DevOps. And, when the test automation platform is driven by the cloud, the ROI is even greater. I would like to quote a line by Vivek Kundra, the first CIO of the USA, which briefs a beautiful analogy about the benefits of Cloud:

cloud computing


As per the latest research, 92% of the organization’s IT environments are in some way or the other in the cloud today, and 8% say their total IT environment is all on-premises.

Cloud computing makes on-demand availability of hardware and software services from a provider on the internet. The resources may be on-demand available databases, browsers, etc. By using cloud computing, we don't have to manage physical servers ourselves or run software applications on our machines.

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For example, instead of storing data on your computer's hard drive, you would keep and access the data over the internet that is stored in a cloud environment. Another example would be the ability to test your product web application's compatibility on several variations of operating systems, browser versions, and devices without having to set up test machines in your on-the-premises lab.


Top 10 Advantages of Using Automated Testing in Cloud

Cloud Automated Testing


1) No need to allocate extra disk space in your computer

You will not need to allocate disk space on your local machine to store the tool and associated resources. Assets such as tests, reports, elements, and add-ons are all saved in a secured cloud server. With most of the tools, the only requirement would be the need for you to run a Light Agent on your machine to help run such cloud-hosted tests.

2) Sharing resources is accessible across the team

You can easily manage your tests and collaborate with teammates. Remember the quote I mentioned above in the article

3) Multiple types of resources

Available for testing, without having to own or physically keep your test lab on the premises. Extreme cross-platform support is available in virtual- database, browsers, mobile devices, etc.

4) Multiple types of resource versions

For each of the types of resources, you can even request several versions of these resources. For example, the tools may offer various versions for a particular browser. Or in another example: your tests need several versions of the same browser to be available, e.g., ‎Firefox 75.0, ‎Firefox 70, Firefox 68.0. In such a case, you’re able to quickly provision these several versions of the browsers from the cloud.

5) Software licensing

Costs are minimized for the project - Despite your utilization of the cross multi-platform tests.

6) 24 /7 On-demand availability of the resources 

whenever you require the resource, it can be made available for you as per the type of the resource, along with the particular version of the resource. There are quick processes of provisioning as and when they’re needed. Waiting time is eliminated as well. 24/7 support exists on the cloud. You will not be required to wait for the resource to become available for you to run the tests as per your preference.

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7) Hassle of setup/installation/maintaining resources eliminated

In the traditional on-the-premises way, we owned the responsibility to install/setup/maintain the systems/resources. In the cloud world, there is zero maintenance involved. Even downtime is short or zero.

8) Economical

As per all the above points, it saves you a lot of money! Also, you can pay as you use, and there is availability for free as well.

9) Powered by Cloud security.

The resources available on the cloud can be made secure due to the Cloud security aspects.

10) Parallel test executions.

You can run multiple tests parallelly without any issues. This scalability advantage can ensure that many tests get executed in less time. In the traditional non-cloud on-the-premises way, you need to provision machines for tests, and until one test is completed on one device, you cannot move to the next. But it is not the case if you depend on the resources on the cloud. You can provision multiple resources parallelly and run tests at the same time.

And much more!


3 Powerful Automation Testing Tools That Will Make You Rise up Towards the Cloud

Automation Testing Tools


There are several test automation tools available on the market which provide test solutions on the cloud. Some of the popular AI-powered tools are:

1) TestProject -

This cloud-hosted tool is a free forever end-to-end automation testing tool supporting platform for web, mobile, and API testing. The cloud is your base as you record, develop, and run your automated tests, powered up with the help of self-healing AI.

2) AccelQ -

This cloud-based zero coding continuous testing platform seamlessly enables an automated testing cloud. Cloud and On-Premise offering is supported.

3) Lambdatest -

This cross-browser testing cloud automation solution enables you to run live interactive and automated

cross-browser testing on 2000+ real browsers and operating systems online.



Cloud-hosted test automation solutions are not only a boon to the automation developers but also help the client in the long run. With the time savings due to the running of parallel tests, and immediate test assets being available, the test results can be generated quickly to assess the health of the product. Also, compared to a traditional on-premises environment, cloud testing offers many benefits, as mentioned above.

Additionally, we serve the environment well - any ideas on why? By storing all the resources required for test automation on the virtual cloud, instead of physically having an on-prem setup, you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint in the environment. So, let's all go cloud!




What is cloud?

The cloud refers to software and services that run on the Internet, instead of locally on your computer.

What is a public cloud?

A public cloud is a service that anyone can tap into with a network connection.

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud attempts to mimic the working of the public cloud vendors but provides the service within the private firewall, and proprietary architecture for the benefit of the users who provide the service.

What does GovCloud mean?

GovCloud refers to all the cloud products, solutions that are developed for government organizations.


Published on Dec 17, 2020
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