The Good, the Bad, and the Vulnerable

Cyber Security Check of Saudi Arabia’s Most Popular Shopping Apps

Cybersecurity threats are escalating globally, even in the Saudi Arabian e-Commerce Market. A study by Appknox uncovered alarming security vulnerabilities in the top 50 Saudi Arabian shopping Android apps, with over 80% at high risk. Read the full report to learn more about these findings and how to protect your online business.


What’s Inside?

The report stresses the importance of strong cybersecurity measures in e-commerce apps due to rising cyberattacks and financial fraud. Rigorous testing found common vulnerabilities such as StrandHogg, unused permissions, insecure data storage, and SSL pinning/network security misconfigurations.

This E-book includes:

  • Industry Landscape
  • Research Methodology
  • Testing Methodology
  • Most Common Security Vulnerabilities Found in These Apps
  • Executive Summary
  • Key Findings from the Research
  • Performance of Saudi Arabian Shopping Apps on the CVSS Scale
  • How Appknox Helps Secure Your Mobile Apps
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