Inspecting vulnerabilities in UAE's top 50 BFSI mobile apps: Unbreakable or brittle?

With mobile banking on the rise, securing financial apps is crucial. More than half of consumers now use mobile banking, making it essential to protect sensitive data and transactions. Appknox's latest report investigates the security posture of the top 50 BFSI mobile apps in the UAE, providing valuable insights and recommendations for enhancing app security.

This report dives deep into the vulnerabilities found in the top 50 mobile apps in the UAE from the BFSI industry, along with actionable insights.

With this report, you will:

  • Identify the most common security threats to BFSI mobile apps.
  • Learn real-world examples highlighting the security challenges in UAE’s BFSI apps.
  • Get expert recommendations on improving app security, including best practices for encryption, authentication, and data storage.
  • Discover actionable insights on how to safeguard your financial transactions and personal data against emerging threats.

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Appknox ensures that all of your testing data is secure and resides within your premises. Explore our comprehensive report on vulnerabilities discovered in the top 50 BFSI mobile apps in the UAE, offering actionable insights to enhance app security posture.

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