Amazon App Making You Disable Your Default Security!

Amazon, one of the most trusted platforms for app downloads was recently proved to play with the trust of their app users. In a recent review on Amazon app updates, it was revealed that to upgrade or update the Amazon app, the user has to make certain changes in the security setting on their Android Device. This trick seemed unusual as it didn’t have the cancel option. The only option provided was to continue and as a user, one would want to have options to make changes through their phone settings and their choice matters!

If you thought that was the scary part, wait till you hear this! Amazon app, through these updates, can directly barge into the user data and create major threats to the personal information stored in the device. The story doesn’t end here. The absence of the “cancel” option takes the user to the next level which gives instruction on how to remove their default security settings for Google Play downloads.

Amazon App default security settings

This monopolistic approach is making Amazon unpopular among the app users. Users, most of whom are hardly tech-savvy, these tricks are rather unfair as they aren’t even aware of its repercussions. Amazon, being a brand name, is always kept under the category of trustworthy companies and hence get away with the questioning part. Breaches like these not only affect security but also impact the trust in the brand.

The review clearly did not hesitate to call the technicians at Amazon “stupid” as they did not even realize how pricey it could be for its users to get exposed to malware and other security issues.

Indeed, with the flop show by Amazon Fire Phone, they needed another way to get a higher number of users and this is what they thought would be a great idea!

Appknox recently had put up a research on the increasing number of malware affected devices and with these irresponsible acts of highly acclaimed companies, looking for a right way to go seems only a far off dream.

Published on Mar 16, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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