Ambi Climate - A Smart Device to Ensure Ambient Climate At Home

Today, from the Internet of Things, we bring you a smart device which is an intelligent upgrade for your air conditioner. It's automated climatic intelligence let's you control your home climate from anywhere.

Meet Ambi Climate

Ambi Climate is a smart add-on for your air conditioner. The best thing about this device is that it intelligently learns what is comfortable to you and controls your AC based on this understanding, rather than knowing it from a numeric temperature value. It allows you to enjoy your peace of mind, by letting you monitor and control your AC from anywhere to protect your home and loved ones effortlessly. In doing so, it eliminates the energy waste caused by overcooling, thus balancing both comfort and conservation.

Key Features

  • It's built to know you- With it's artificial intelligence, you can never feel too hot or too cold. It automatically adjusts your AC based on your comfort.

  • Small yet mighty- Ambi climate might look sleek and small, yet it's internally equipped with 7 in-built infrared transmitters, allowing it to talk to your AC and 5 intelligent sensors to gauge when your comfort level changes.

  • Easy setup- Setting up ambi climate is not as complicated as one might expect it to be. You just have to plug it in, connect it to wifi, and it's ready to go. Enjoy it with ease.

  • AC only when you need it- How awesome it feels, when your AC cools the room even before you arrive. Thanks to your smartphones geo-location tracking, it switches on your AC remotely.

  • Sync your devices- You can sync your iPhone or Android device to your AC, which makes it easy for you to monitor and control your AC settings from anywhere. It also allows you to view your air conditioner usage anytime.

  • Save energy- Ambi climate makes it possible to save upto 30% energy usage on your air conditioner. It also gives you energy saving tips as well as AC maintenance notifications from time to time.

  • Tailored made profile for you- It utilizes a cloud solution provided by the Ambi Labs team, to build a tailored profile that considers your comfort, outdoor seasonal influences, the time of day, activity levels in the room and other factors.

  • Self-learning- The proprietary machine learning techniques analyses your data and settings to deliver optimal indoor comfort.

Indoor Comfort At Your Fingertips

Ambi climate also provides you a beautiful user-friendly app which gives you a preview of what personalized comfort looks like. It's intuitively designed to let you manage and control all your AC's, getting historic data and insights on your AC usage and performance directly from the app. This in turn helps you gain a greater understanding of the factors that affect your comfort.

What People Are Saying

“With the room temperature staying more consistent, you're saving both energy and the hassle of finding the remote.” - Engadget

“Ambi Climate might be well-positioned to pick up the parts of the market not covered by Nest” - TechCrunch

"Ambi Climate technology encourages you to be resourceful with your existing systems and to become smarter about your consumption." - Trend Hunter

"Where the Ambi Climate really is designed to shine though is in its automatic considerations of the world around it." - Gizmag

AC Compatibility

Ambi Climate works with all sort of air conditioners from all over the world, including AC models popular in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and North America. This smart home device supports wall-mounted split and mini split air conditioners as well as window and portable standing air conditioners. Even ACs used in offices such as cassette air conditioners are compatible with Ambi Climate. All they require is infrared connectivity.

Can't find your remote? Don't worry, the Ambi Labs team are adding new remotes nearly every day. Just fill out this request form and they can add yours to the database within a couple of days.

749 backers pledged $114,892 to help bring this project to life. So pre-order now and enjoy the luxury of having a ambient climate at home.



Published on Jul 13, 2015
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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