Appknox Year in Review 2019

2019 was a great year for Appknox as we saw substantial growth in terms of revenue, customers, and regions of operation. 

We got empaneled by CERT-IN and expanded our customer base geographically by winning government engagements in the Middle East, one of the largest banks in Africa, and many more enterprise companies adding to our overall growth. All of this was achieved with just 15 Knoxstars working day and night to keep these enterprise apps safe and secured. 

“2019 overall was a year with more of ups and very few downs. This is just a start to more exponential growth we are aiming for 2020 and the team is already excited for all upcoming new challenges” -  Harshit Agarwal, Co-founder, and CEO.

We performed 200k analyses on our platform and our security teams performed 100 penetration tests a month on average.

“We got to work on IoT and SmartTV based applications and saw people contributing back and using our open-sourced projects - Pyaxmlparser, isign (Forked from the original repo with Python3 support). We also introduced DevSecOps, which is helping our clients to perform automated security assessments at the same pace of software release.” - Subho Halder, Co-founder, and CISO.

In 2019, we saw a whopping 174,773 unique visitors to our website and a significant increase in the readership of our blog was also observed. This year, we also came up with two fun and informative webinars to interact better with our viewers and share some interesting content with them.


Our webinars on API Security Testing and 'How to Perform Manual Pen tests on Mobile Apps' were hosted by renowned security experts and were extremely loved too. We promise to come up with more and more of such webinars this year. The hard work of our team reaped us some prestigious awards like the G2 High Performer for Application Security and we were also rated the highest in Gartner Mobile Application Security Testing.


We thank our customers, investors, and partners for their continued trust and support. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Appknox 2019 review


Published on Jan 17, 2020
Harshit Agarwal
Written by Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal is the co-founder and CEO of Appknox, a mobile security suite that helps enterprises automate mobile security. Over the last decade, Harshit has worked with 500+ businesses ranging from top financial institutions to Fortune 100 companies, helping them enhance their security measures.
Beyond the tech world, Harshit loves adventure. When he's not busy making sure the digital realm is safe, he's out trekking and exploring new destinations.


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