Be On The 'Watch' For Security Loopholes In Smart Watches

Wearable devices like the smart watch and health bands have become the new frontier for cyber attacks. Security threats may take over your privacy due to several flaws that have been detected in today's wearable devices. Smart watches are gaining fame and popularity and providing a new avenue for exploitation by cyber criminals. It provides an opportunity for the rise in cyber espionage and can act as a soapbox for disgruntled employees. HP identified several vulnerabilities and insufficient encryption and security within these smart watches.

The market is expected to increase to 350 million in sales of wearable devices by 2018. Smart watches and health bands have introduced a new dimension of functionality in our lives. Adequate steps is essential to prevent security breaches. Be aware while transmitting personal data or connecting these devices to a private network. Smart watches can enable sensitive access controls thereby controlling your door and car locks. A breach in this system could open up gateways of problems for the user. It is advisable to use two factor authorization for these devices to maximize the security and keep your information safe. It was discovered that only few of these devices are enabled with password protection. If the latter were stolen, the private information can be easily accessed.

Several of these wearable devices show ambiguity in their encryption. Most of these devices are vulnerable because of cracks in SSL and TLS encryption. Companies should establish an IoT and BYOD policy. Employees must know about the various risks and threats associated with wearable devices and how to overcome or prevent them. For this companies must provide training sessions to the employees. As it involves data and transactions, the wearable devices are susceptible to security threats. Think twice before you share click or download anything online. You do not need a security software for your wearable. If you are aware and self conscious about the threats and how to prevent them you can consider your wearable safe to use.

Smart watches are extensions of your smartphones. They are more safer than smartphones but yet not completely safe from the 'watch'ful eyes of a hacker. Security has to evolve and adapt with the pace of innovation and development of new devices. Users are unable to do much about security. Companies should make security a vital part of their design to increase the usage and sale of these devices. Security development for smart watches is still at its infancy. It requires more investment and research to be on par with the developments in technology.

Use of Smart watches are still in its early days. It is considered as a luxury to own one of these. Predictions foretell that it will soon turn into a necessity and become a important aspect in the business world. Smart wearables have access to a lot of personal data like name, address, weight, birthday, heart rate etc. With more availability of private information, hackers design sophisticated techniques to attain valuable information. Therefore a robust security mechanism must be implemented for the same.

We at Appknox consider security as a major priority. We help developers and enterprises fix security loopholes in minutes. The need of the hour is to be aware and proactive.

Published on Jul 28, 2015
Written by Kavitha Ramamurthy


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