Don't BUG me - Squash The Bugs Before They Hop Into Our Systems!

The modern generation is now aware that security is vital and are looking for applications and anti-virus to protect their computers and phones. There is so much spam out there that sometimes the anti-virus ironically destroys vital files on our system. Looking for the right mobile security software or application is gaining importance with the rise in unethical hacks. Data leaks can significantly impact the end users to such an extent that it can destroy relationships or lead to loss of jobs. As a consumer we install so many applications that it's tiresome to use different and sophisticated passwords for all of them, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. In local terms consumers need ‘Cyber doctors’ to make regular checks to prevent and cure problems that occur regularly to protect the gadgets we love so dearly.

According to a survey by McAfee 82 % of the apps track us and 80% of the apps collect location information. These days applications know more details about us than we do ourselves. They know exactly what you like or hate, where you stay, your email address, phone number and much more. Have you ever noticed the advertisements on your Facebook page changes according to the purchases you have made in some e-commerce websites.

The concept of privacy in the virtual world is perishing. Malicious attacks are launched on our phones to collect information like SIM card numbers which could be used by criminals. Most of the applications we use are space invading. The only solution to problems arising with space invaders and malicious threats is to look for the right security choices. The concern with this is picking the right one in the vast ocean of security providers. Where and how do we look for the right one? and who should we consult before making the purchase? Should we download a free application or a paid version? what is the difference? A sea of questions exist in the mind of a common consumer. A Basic knowledge of application security is required to try and answer these questions.

Mobility has become so omnipresent. People are so active in the virtual world constantly updating pictures and information in social media platforms increasing the probability of cyber attacks. Most of the consumers are now considering security as the most important and critical feature of applications as they are continuously using their phone to perform online transactions. There is a stampede of purchases on E-commerce websites especially when there is a sale going on. App developers must understand consumer needs and rigorously innovate and develop strong and secure applications before releasing them in the market to generate consumer loyalty.

Judging by the number of Candy Crush and FarmVille requests we get, we know that gaming applications are very popular among the consumers. Hard core gamers are the people who are susceptible to most of the malware and viruses. Game downloads are considerably increasing over the years increasing the number of susceptible users. We need to become more aware and look for the right applications to protect our systems. Squash the bugs before they hop into our systems.

Published on Jul 29, 2015
Written by Kavitha Ramamurthy


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