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It's been 69 years that India became independent. But the meaning of freedom is often different for each one of us. As a nation, we've come a long way since the time the East India Company dictated whatever happened in this country.

Independence Week

What does freedom really mean? It is not just about breaking away from a foreign ruler. As citizen, in fact, as individuals freedom is a sense of feeling that gives positivity, pride and is a major reason for existence.

When we started Appknox in January 2014, many businesses in the US were getting hacked each day. Since then, such incidents have only grown and happen in all parts of the world. While there is freedom to do business, these are small hindrances that come our way. That's when we came up with a solution to aim towards more freedom, more freedom to businesses, more freedom to consumers. Basically, we intend to have a free and open mobile ecosystem which is secure for everyone.

We are security experts, that's what we do best. We've faced tremendous challenges as we started but many of our friends in the startup ecosystem helped us out whenever we were at a crossroad. As we celebrate India's 69th year of independence, we want to help provide more strength to new businesses in India. Hence, if you are a new business in India, come celebrate Freedom Week with us and we'll help you with our knowledge and expertise, for free! Yes, we are celebrating freedom after all right.

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Prateek Panda

Written by Prateek Panda

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