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HereNow is a wonderful app that aims at connecting people who are located at the same place. Being in the same location means that you can help people near you in a number of ways. By connecting to people nearby, you can share stuff related to the best places, the best restaurants or can get answers to any of your queries regarding that specific area. Also, you can help others with the local stuff that you are aware of. This is possible by the very beneficial HereNow app.

Helping Strangers

Though you might be strangers to the people on HereNow but, how does it affect you? There is no harm in helping people with the stuff you know. With the HereNow app, you can very easily share information with the people near you, whether you are at home, office or a travel location. It opens a platform to get to know any place better without having to search much. On HereNow you can ask questions, give answers and help as well as take help from the people near you. It is the best medium to share your experiences with people nearby.

No Need to Share Personal Details

The best part about HereNow is that you can give/take help from everyone who is nearby without actually sharing your personal details with them. You just need to log in to HereNow and you will be able to see what your nearby people are talking about. You do not have to join any groups or to share your email id or phone number. You can talk to the people near you and find out what’s new and what exciting things can you try in that area.

Ask/Answer any Local Queries

HereNow lets you ask any queries regarding your location. If you want to know about the best ice cream parlour or the local bus timings in your vicinity, ask it on HereNow and the people near you will give you answers. At the same time, you can share what you know well about your area like recommending a
medical shop or a reasonable place to dine.

Get Local Help or Partner

Your search for a local badminton partner or a guitarist can end at HereNow. Also, you can ask people for sharing a cab ride or can borrow books. People who live near you can always be of great help, give company or provide support when needed.

Share Local Information

HereNow app brings people in the same locality closer and lets you share information with everyone nearby. You can always stay updated with what’s new in your locality, get help from the local people no matter where you travel to, connect better with your neighbourhood pals, suggest and advise on local stuff, find exciting new places near you and much more.

The Story Behind HereNow, How It Started And What Lies Ahead

Abhishek Sharma, Co-founder at HereNow: "All 3 of us have been moving places ever since- for studies or job. Wherever we went, we had so many ways to re-connect with our friends who lived in another city / country but there was absolutely no way to connect to people who live right next door. We wanted to connect with our neighbours. So we built HereNow. While the thought had been there for quite some time (a few years), but with the advent of smartphones and mobile-internet, the ecosystem got ready only now."

"As more & more people continue to use the platform, we see it becoming an integral part of their day-to-day life for any hyperlocal information and advice. We also hope to see people connecting with people near them over common issues and interest areas more often."

"Overall, its a move towards a scenario where people will understand that some information is much more useful when shared on HereNow (i.e. with people who are near them & whom they might not know) versus sharing on Facebook/Twitter."


There are around 4500 users, with most of them being in Indiranagar / Koramangla areas in Bangalore. Spaces, which are basically location based interest groups on the app, have been a major driving factor for users to be active on the app. 150 spaces have been created by users in the past 10-12 weeks on topics ranging from sports to volunteer activity to food to startups in the city.

Get the HereNow app for your smartphone today and connect with everyone nearby.

Published on May 22, 2015
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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