How Mobile Apps are Making The World a better place!

Mobile Apps have huge benefits to offer to the user community. From getting the work done faster to ensuring the safety, while being creative at the same time, these apps have been trying to make the world a better place. Here are a few apps which have brought a very different form of revolution and created a parallel world altogether -

Cab Apps - Ola, Uber, Taxi For Sure and Meru are some of the most used apps by the people in India, especially people who love to commute comfortably and without any risk on their safety. These apps help drivers locate us, give us a call, pick and drop us without any hassle, and they keep bringing out new features and for the time being offer travel that is sometimes even cheaper than traditional autorickshaws. With execution getting better each day, pretty soon people might re-think owning a car. In a global city like Bangalore, these apps have brought in huge relief also to those who face problems with the auto walas who refuse to go on meter!

Social Messaging - Needless to say, WhatsApp has brought a huge revolution in social networking and businesses. Today, a WhatsApp group message enables people to inform and get things done faster than traditional SMSes or emails. Moreover, people are ordering grocery, and other products using WhatsApp. A huge amount of data in terms of files, documents, audios, videos, photos and even location are transferred through WhatsApp throughout the day.

Banking and payment apps - And they have revolutionized the banking sector like never before! To an extent where one doesn’t even need to go to the bank and all it takes is an app to take care of all the work! Just a touch away, these apps are bringing banks to homes, offices, cabs and trips. Kotak Mahindra, ICICI, HDFC, Paytm, etc are very well connected with people for making payments easier and less time consuming. Some of the banks have even connected with the social media like Twitter and Facebook, which has brought social banking into picture. In a few decades, banks might not even exist in physical structure!

Study Apps - Another revolution, not known to many youngsters, but useful to a huge student community is the idea of study apps. Gone are those days where books were the only source of learning. Today, apps have taken their place, and are found easier to use and understand by the students. Most of the 9th and 10th graders, who are preparing for board exams find these apps useful and informative. Some of these apps also contain videos and features of group discussion. Some of these apps are- Math Formulae Lite, Smartur 3D Quick Study App, The Human Anatomy App etc. This indeed in a revolution in the present education system against the rote learning system.

With increase in the number of smartphones that are affordable, demand to do more with them has also increased and so has the number of apps. Indeed, making the world a better place!

Published on Mar 26, 2015
Written by Team Appknox


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