Is 'Hacktivism' A Boon Or Bane?

The nation wants to know! Hackers want to know about everything that is happening to gain information that they could sell. Politicians can be a major target considering the fraud and corruption that runs amidst them. A tiny peephole into your E-mail is enough to ruin your career and send you to jail or question your character. Hacking is a vital tool used to gain a snippet of the lives of superstars and politicians. It sure is a dilemma if this is ethical or unethical. Once the news is out nobody really cares who the hacker was, the news is big enough to overpower this. If your system is not well protected hackers can gain access to your gallery, messages and E-mails. Nothing is a secret anymore and everything is thrown in open air! so get ready, you never know when you could be a target. Hackers can gain access to your deepest darkest secrets. System security is applicable to everybody - the good, the bad and the ugly.

There is a perennial cyber war existing among the big nations to try and gain information about their operations. Even biometrics cannot be considered a safe medium of security considering the example of hackers who replicated the fingerprint of German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen using pictures that were taken from the phone's standard camera. A long distance public photo is more than enough to obtain a person's biometric information. It's so ironic that the hackers targeted the ‘Defence minister’.

Political hackers consider themselves as activists and this form of hacking is generally termed as ‘Hacktivism’. Government websites are highly prone to cyber attacks as the government fail to provide good security. A deluge of loopholes exist in several government websites. Being national advisors security should be one of their prime concerns. The government must hire organisations who are responsible in monitoring websites, reporting vulnerabilities and fixing issues that constantly arise because of cyber attacks. Twitter handles of several government employees were also hacked resulting in false posts. To prevent this, significant investment should be made by the government in application security.

The recent hack of Keith Vaz’s E-mails questioned the actions of Sushma Swaraj. The hackers gained access to confidential E-mails and sold them to the media as a form of ‘Hacktivism’. The government has failed to fund and hire resources to prevent cyber crime. There is still a lot of questions about Hacktivism. Nobody can really say if this is moral or immoral. Several hacks have reported injustice and corruption that exists among the government creating the question if hacking politicians to check on them is good or bad. Application developers must try and use the internet to save the internet. A strong regulation against cyber attacks must be established to prevent such attacks. The main message for everybody is that security is very important and one must constantly update themselves about the latest developments in mobile and system securities and install applications that act as strong shields preventing cyber crimes.

Published on Aug 26, 2015
Written by Kavitha Ramamurthy


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