Latest iOS Security Reports Say No iPhone is Safe

Apple has been pushing iPhone's iOS platform to many businesses and has successfully become part of the daily device policy. But the vulnerabilities in iOS has become a cause of concern for CIOs and other IT leaders because of a recent research that demonstrates weaknesses in the operating system and some of the apps that run on it.

The report is based on GFI's analysis of the National Vulnerability Database, which is maintained by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

According to the GFI report, Apple took the top vulnerability spots, with its Mac OSX at No. 1 with 147 vulnerabilities, followed by Apple iOS with 127 vulnerabilities. The Linux kernel was a close third, followed very distantly by Ubuntu and Windows. Android, meanwhile, had only six reported vulnerabilities for 2014.

Generally, it has been believed that iPhone offers a more secure operating system on both PC and mobile. This report clearly negates that belief. A part of the reason could be that Apple has recently become a leader in the enterprise space by accounting for 73% of the enterprise smartphone market while Android accounted for 25% only.

Research by Appknox also suggests that while Android has a higher number of vulnerable apps overall, the year on year growth for vulnerabilities is now greater for iOS than Android. Which means, each year more iOS apps in iPhone are becoming vulnerable.

Charlie Miller hacked almost all the iPhones in the world with a single SMS. And you thought YOUR iPhone was safe?

Published on Apr 3, 2015
Written by Prateek Panda


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