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Mobile App Security has hope

Almost all of us remember Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Although established in 1943, it still holds true that after the physiological needs, we all thrive to be safe and secure.

The meaning of security has changed over decades. Today, security threats are also from hackers and online breaches that infringe on data privacy, and not just from burglaries at home. Accessing data and misusing it for unimagined purposes is the recent "in-thing" for the hackers, and it seems like a never ending process, as said by Barack Obama!

These security issues spare neither the leading companies in the world today, nor the banking systems. However, the Government in the US is taking up the issue of mobile security seriously and has asked the companies to notify the customers within 30 days of the hack of their personal information. This indeed is a good step and leaves us with a hope for a comparitively secured future.

Recent security flaws with the Microsoft Outlook App was altered and remediated by the company, and they have given out a safer version to their users. The example they set, although criticised earlier, is remarkable.

As companies and consumers become more aware, hope within the issues surrounding mobile app security will get better.

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