Must Read Websites for Mobile App Developers


The app development industry is a huge industry and no wonder that many mobile app developers are dying hard to be a part of this industry. In a research conducted by Steve Scott, he asked people if they wanted to know more about mobile app development, over 80% of the respondents said “Yes”. This makes it clear how much keen the mobile app developers are to know more about their field.

So, here we bring to you a list of some truly excellent websites and blogs that provide top-notch information to you. This makes these a must read for all mobile app developers.

Functional aspects of App Development

For getting better at developing mobile apps you need to be more comfortable with the different aspects of programming languages and the other functional aspects of app development. These websites will help you get through this.

Vogella Java Tutorials

This website brings to you an awesome series of well defined tutorials for any issues in Java programming. The tutorials include step by step, easy to understand and follow procedures that will help you start with app development at your own pace.

Stack Overflow

This is a great site for all developers where they can get access to expert guidance in debugging any code that you have written. It is a good resource tool for learning about Android too.

Develop Apps | Android Developers

This is an official Android developers website and is therefore flooded with useful and interesting resources, info, documents and Android tools.

Performance aspects of App Development

All the mobile app developers out there must read the posts from these blogs to guarantee perceived performance for your mobile app in the market.

Mobify Developer Blog

Mobify is a great blog for getting all mobile app design and development tips. You will get to know many easy ways that if followed will guarantee a better performance of your mobile app.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has a lot of amazing content that can prove beneficial for all mobile app developers. This amazing website covers almost all areas that will ensure that you do not lose any potential users for your mobile app. These include information related to coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design and WordPress.


Xamarin keeps you updated about the various aspects of building and designing mobile apps with great performance so that you app attracts more and more users. Also, Xamarin offers a cross platform development software that can simplify your journey of creating a mobile app.


Apart from functionality and performance, it is essential to develop apps that are secure to use. It is essential to ensure that your users’ data remains safe and secure within the app and there is no risk to their privacy. The following blogs offer a lot of useful information about increasing the security factor of your mobile apps.

Appknox Blog

Appknox is a treasure hunt of knowledge when it comes to the security of mobile apps. You will get to know a lot about preventing embarrassing data, protecting any malware attacks, keeping your app safe and secure and more from the interesting blog posts at Appknox.


The Appcelerator blog platform is a leading resource for all things mobile that equips you with useful information regarding everything from native apps to mobile APIs, real time analytics, platforms for app development and different security measures that could help your way out.


Arxan was a name in the finalist of SC Awards 2015 Europe for Best Mobile Security Solution. It acknowledges all superior products and services that are necessary for mobile app security. Also the posts at the Arxan blog are here to give you an insight into security for mobile apps.

Published on Apr 14, 2015
Subho Halder
Written by Subho Halder
Subho Halder is the CISO and Co-Founder of Appknox. He started his career researching Mobile Security. Currently, he helps businesses to detect and fix security vulnerabilities. He has also detected critical loopholes in companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and others


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