One Click To What Matters- Pebble Time Smartwatch

Today we are going to tell you about this brand new product from the Internet of Things (IoT), the Pebble Time. Pebble Time is an awesome smartwatch that helps you organize all that is important in your day and keeps you going. Created by Pebble Technology, this awesome smartwatch doesn't compromises on anything at all.

The key highlights of Pebble Time include:

• CNC-finished 316L stainless steel casing
• Premium leather and stainless steel strap
• 1.25 inch, color e-paper display with LED backlight
• Up to 7 days of battery life with a Lithium-ion polymer battery
• USB charging cable with magnetic connector
• Water resistant and customizable
• Sensors– 3D accelerometer, compass, ambient light sensor, microphone (for responding to notifications)
• Bluetooth 4.0
• New OS
• Completely compatible with over 6,500 existing Pebble apps and watch faces

Maintenance and Care

Pebble Time can be used at an operating temperature of 10°C to +60°C. It works at a maximum operating altitude of 10,000 feet, that is, 3,000m. The watch comes with a polycarbonate case for safe and secure carrying. You can wipe the Pebble Time with a soft and moistened cloth.

New OS

The watch uses Pebble Timeline that is a new OS. This new operating system has been designed to organize what is important to you and let you get things done in time.

Color e-paper display

Pebble Time has a color e-paper display that makes it easier to read. This awesome watch is always on and displays all incoming notifications perfectly. The power consumption of your favorite watch face is minimized with LED backlight. This is why Pebble Time boasts of an industry-leading battery life of up to 7 days.

Dictate your Replies

With its new microphone, Pebble time lets you dictate quick replies to notifications. You can easily send voice replies to incoming notifications and can also, take down short voice notes for later use. You can use sending this voice reply feature with all major Android apps like SMS, Hangouts, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Water resistance

Pebble Time utilizes the latest technology to maintain water resistance. You do not have to worry about any damage to your watch because of water. It is perfect for a run in the rain or a water splash. In fact, even swimming or surfing with Pebble Time on, won’t cause any damage to it. However, we do not recommend taking it underwater.

Slim Design

Pebble Time has been designed with your wrist in mind. It is just 9.5mm thick and fits on either of your wrists comfortably because of its ergonomic, curved design. Also, this awesome watch easily slides under your dress shirts, being slim and stylish.

Stylish yet Durable

Along with being stylish to wear, Pebble Time is pretty durable as well. Its lens uses scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass with a bezel made of stainless steel.


Everyone wants to personalize their Pebble watch to match their own style. Pebble Time has a soft silicone band that looks stylish. But, the good part is that any standard 22mm watch band will fit it perfectly. Also, the Pebble Time bands have a quick-release pin that helps you in swapping bands within 10 seconds.


Pebble Time comes in three colors:
• Black watch case and silicone band with black PVD stainless steel bezel
• White watch case and silicone band with silver PVD stainless steel bezel
• Red watch case and silicone band with black PVD stainless steel bezel

At present, 78,471 backers pledged $20,338,986 to help bring this project to life. Get your Pebble Time watch today and keep enjoying the perks of a smart watch!



Published on May 4, 2015
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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