Ten Mobile Apps in Singapore That You Must Download

Singapore, I'm sure we're well aware is one of the top mobile app-based economies in Asia. However, we're also seeing other countries like China, Indonesia and India are not far behind. Government officials of Singapore and other regional leaders are stepping up their game by pouring in large amounts of resources into this ecosystem to keep their leading status up. In this article, we'll be taking a look at how some of the top mobile apps in Singapore are impacting lives of the everyday Singaporeans and the amount of data that is available for ransom, should there be an attack.

According to Statista, the number of smartphone users in 2017 is estimated to reach 4.3 million. This implies that more and more Singaporeans are beginning to trust smartphone facilitated businesses and the government with their money, their critical data, and personal information.

Singapore ranks 6th in cybersecurity globally but still, has a long way to go if the majority of the smartphone user population are to continue trusting the government and businesses with their personal information.

Singapore has one of the most expensive standards of living in the world. This makes it hard for everyday citizens to own private vehicles and freely move around. Singapore is also noted to have one of the most hardworking labor forces in the world. This makes maximizing the efficiency of time a critical factor in everyday life.

Here’s how seven of the top mobile apps in Singapore are giving Singaporeans extra time to do things which really matter or things they really love doing:

Top ten mobile apps in Singapore

1. RedMart: Everyday grocery chores become a huge burden to the common households. Balancing household activities along with working a full-time job is never easy. Redmart simplifies the task of grocery shopping and delivers a wide range of fresh produce, home necessities, pantry goodies, heavy & bulky items and specialty products right at your doorstep. Redmart also gives users options to the best of deals which helps to save up on bulk orders.

With over 500,000 downloads on the AppStore, Redmart is well on its way to being one of the most trusted brands and one of the top mobile apps in Singapore for online grocery shopping.


2. Grab Taxi: As mentioned earlier, owning a private vehicle in Singapore is twice as much as even buying it. For the average Singaporean who likes to do things at their own pace, it becomes difficult to buy a vehicle or keep to the schedule of public transportation. Many might say there are cabs, but if you haven’t taken a cab in Singapore before, your wallets are in for a surprise.

That’s why Grab Taxi is great for the average commuter. They have really simplified the way Singaporeans travel. It gives users on-demand access to anytime, anywhere transportation with comparatively lower traveling costs than other taxi aggregators.

With over 50,000,000 downloads in the Play store, it is only obvious that Singaporeans have voted this one of the top mobile apps in Singapore for commuting, which has resonated well with the concerns of the common people traveling every day in Singapore.


3. Candy Crush Saga: If you have been to Singapore and traveled with the locals, you would have probably noticed that a lot of heads are bent and a lot of eyes are glued to their phone screens. There are probably a lot of things to blame for this but I’d like to point out to Candy Crush Saga as one of the main culprits.

On my way from the office back home, I curiously glanced into people’s phones to see what their attention was locked into. I could tell at once that at least 8 out of 10 people I saw had candy crush saga running.

I haven’t really figured out what makes people addicted to this game but I’m sure with over 1 billion downloads on the Play store, I wouldn’t like to find out.

You might ask what this has to do with the top mobile apps in Singapore, well according to Hype, a 14-year-old boy spent whopping 4,300 SGD on the game in a single month. His father claims that he doesn’t even earn that kind of money in a month.


4. SKOUT: The Skout app is all about preserving the magic of unexpected meetings that lead to discovering new people. SKOUT uses a cellphone's global positioning system to help users to find other users within a general radius of one another. I may not be an expert in the field of finding love but with over 50,000,000 downloads on the Play store, I’m sure they are doing something right.

Skout is a great app to meet new people around you and all over the world, exchange information and I'm not sure what happens after.

Let's face it, it’s no secret what happens on dating sites, but with more individuals trusting Skout with their personal and private data, it is only reasonable to ask what ransom has been paid for customer security. We all know what happened with the Ashley Madison story. The rest of the concerns speaks for itself.


5. Food Panda: I love food and I love it instantly. Food Panda is one of the biggest F&B e-commerce mobile apps in the world and is winning the hearts of Singaporeans who love to eat, making it's way to one the top mobile apps in Singapore. With over 500 F&B partners, Singaporeans have plenty to choose from the menu.

Food Panda has over 10,000,000 downloads on the Play store and I’m sure won’t stop anytime soon. Their service in Singapore guarantees a 30 min delivery time for people like me, impatient when hungry.


6. HOOQ TV: HooqTV gives new meaning to the word couch potato. HOOQ is a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment. With a push of a few buttons on the app, you can stream, download and enjoy over 30,000 hours worth of Hollywood/local movies and TV series etc. It is a joint-venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros, and SingTel.

Hooq has been like a cherry on top for Singaporeans who love digital entertainment. It really does ‘hook’ you on to your mobile screens even more than before. Their premium subscription model accounts for a majority of their revenue and has over 5,000,000 people on the Play store subscribing to it.


7. SG Buses: For people who have been to and live in Singapore, I’m sure to have had the pleasure of traveling in the amazing public transport offered by the government. With over 3.5 Million rides taken per day on average, commuters depending on these busses find it a daunting task to balance work schedule with bus schedules. SG Busses is a great app to keep track of buses, their routes, bus stops and much more.

SG buses have more than 5,000,000 downloads on the Play store and continue to grow as users find it essential and easier with this app to go about their daily activities.


8. Gojek: A company that started as a transportation service with 20 odd drivers in 2010, Gojek has now transformed to become a one-stop solution to almost all the needs of Singaporeans, be it ride-sharing, food delivery, payments, logistics, and whatnot.

Taxi and ride-sharing apps are incredibly popular in Singapore and with its fair prices and easy to use service, Gojek is certainly the most popular choice. With more than 130 million downloads across the region, this multipurpose app is surely one of the top apps to have in Singapore.


9. Mint: 

 The trend of using personal finance apps to track expenses and manage other financial transactions is becoming increasingly popular across Singapore. And Mint is always counted among the best money apps when it comes to having the most accurate features matching the taste of Singaporeans.

With Mint, users can set up budgets, get suggestions on how to cut their expenses, and also get unique ideas to improve their credit score. With an automated bill-tracker, users can also schedule their bill payments and forget about any penalties whatsoever. 


10. Ezbuy: Online marketplaces are the hot favourites of Singaporeans these days. And when it comes to online shopping, the best app to have in Singapore is Ezbuy. This massive marketplace offers exciting discounts on a wide variety of product ranges. Customers can shop for groceries, gadgets, clothing, and fashion and products from several other categories on this app. No doubt, the platform has over 3 million customers in the Singapore area.


11. PropertyGuru: When buying properties is not the viable option, it’s better to look out for affordable apartments and condos on rent. And when it comes to online real estate listings in Singapore, there is no match for PropertyGuru. The app gives its customers access to thousands of residential properties like landed houses, condos, HDB, and other commercial properties for both rent and sale. Moreover, the customers also laud the easy property search experience on the app. 


Like the above mentioned top mobile apps in Singapore, there are many other great apps that are slowly making their way into the Singapore e-commerce mobile apps eco-system and further more into the lives of the Singaporean citizens. As great as it is to have ‘convenience’ influencing our daily lifestyles and as we continue to trust businesses with our personal and private information, let us pause, stop and think as to whether these mobile applications are really aiding us or making us more vulnerable.

As an active user of multiple apps myself, I’d urge every user to carefully study the information each app you download asks for. Your personal and private data are far more valuable for the convenience you enjoy. Moreover, as a user of any app, I think it is our due responsibility to go ahead and ask businesses what they are doing to ensure our security.

Published on Nov 2, 2018
Harshit Agarwal
Written by Harshit Agarwal
Harshit Agarwal is the co-founder and CEO of Appknox, a mobile security suite that helps enterprises automate mobile security. Over the last decade, Harshit has worked with 500+ businesses ranging from top financial institutions to Fortune 100 companies, helping them enhance their security measures.
Beyond the tech world, Harshit loves adventure. When he's not busy making sure the digital realm is safe, he's out trekking and exploring new destinations.


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