Understand Your Energy Use With Smappee Home Energy Manager

IoT is undoubtedly a platform for amazing products that make your life many times simpler. Smappee Home Energy Manager is the new product from the Internet of Things (IoT). Smappee is basically a device that gives you complete understanding of your energy consumption and lets you see what it costs you. At the same time, Smappee also assists you in saving the cost of your energy consumption by ensuring that no amount of power goes in vain.

Key Function of Smappee

Smappee’s key function is to detect the time when your home appliances turn on and off. For this Smappee accurately measures your home's incoming power using a simple clip-on sensor. This gives you clear, real-time insights about your home’s power consumption and according to experts, these can help you save up to 12 percent on your electricity bill. It is indeed an easy way to measure your homes energy consumption, calculate the costs and save.

The Smappee Monitor

The Smappee monitor is simple and safe to install. Moreover, for installing the Smappee monitor, you don’t need to make any changes to your home’s electrical system. Just one monitor is capable of measuring the complete power consumed by all your home appliances. It is easy and safe to install and moreover, the Smappee monitor is compatible with all solar systems as well.

Itemized Bill

With the help of Smappee Home Energy Manager, you get to have a look at the itemized bill for your home’s power consumption. This way you can view how much energy is being consumed where and where the most energy costs are going within your home. You get a detailed, item-wise bill of your electricity that lets you see clearly how much each appliance is costing you each day or each month. In fact, it can also tell you how much each appliance will cost you each year.

You will get crystal clear information on all the costing for your home’s energy consumption. Other points to note are:

Past and real time information
Energy guzzlers recognition
Free app free updates

Turn your Home into Smart Home

Like most of the products from the Internet of Things, the Smappee Home Energy Manager also works to turn your home into a smart home. With Smappee you can connect to all your home appliances, take control and save, no matter where you are. Smappee allows you to set up automatic switches for your home appliances that adjust according to your location, consumption, production, daytime, etc.


With Smappee, you get:

A connected home
Flexible settings for automatic on/off
Triggers and actions
Energy saving options

Save up to 12% on your Electricity Bill

Smappee lets you detect any misuse or any abnormal consumption immediately. And it even allows you to turn off devices remotely.

Smappee voted Rising Star 2014

Smappee wins the prestigious competition that was organized by the Deloitte Technology Fast50. It is actually an annual competition selecting 50 fastest growing technology companies and the ten most promising technology start-ups within Belgium (Rising Stars).



Published on May 18, 2015
Hardeep Singh
Written by Hardeep Singh
Outreach Manager @appknox. #ProactiveAlways towards Social Media, Startups and Tech Evangelism.


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