What's new in Mobile Security?

Security is an on and off process. Honestly, nothing in this world is fully secured, leave alone our personal data and bank/credit card information. It isn’t that developers and companies aren’t aware of the situation and future consequences. It is just that they haven’t been able to come to an effective and substantial solution for the same. Let’s look at some of the most creative ways applied by developers and companies to safeguard their app users.

a) Face Detection - Face detection concept came through the popular idea of selfie! Thus, a company thought that if people are so crazy about selfies, why not make face detection/snaps/self-portrait as an authentication process. This thought did make the users a little uncomfortable, but anything to make their favourite app a better product!

b) Eye Detection - Similar to face detection/selfie, this form of authentication is also unique, wherein the blood vessel's unique pattern in the user’s eye will be used as EyePrint ID. This will be of use for users who have a camera device of 1MP.

c) Toe-Tapping – And here comes another unusual, yet “could-work-better” way to safeguard and put a security on the apps! Walking a little ahead on the lines of TouchID, users tried even toes, nipples and animal paws for authentication. There's clearly a lot of different ways for keeping ones device and data secured.

d) Wrist-Touch – A very interesting thing alongside the payment using Apple Watch doesn’t allow any transaction to take place once it’s away from the wrist. It gets locked automatically if it isn’t worn! That’s indeed a secured way to pull off the existing brand image in a better manner.

e) Smile to Pay – Finally there is some importance to “smile” in the tech world! This is on similar lines to selfie, wherein, the user’s earlier portrait will be saved and will be used to recheck the next time, and the portrait should be a smiling face!

There are quite a lot of logic and technology attached to each of these security measures. The only concern is if at all these experiments would keep the hackers away from apps!

Published on Mar 30, 2015
Written by Team Appknox


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