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Be it the US government, be it the Microsoft Outlook App, be it the new iOS8 or be it Android Lollipop, mobile app security has started to gain attention of the mass. Newer versions of Android and iOS claim to give secured features to its users. The latest version of iOS has come up with the protection of user’s personal data that will be supported by providing a fence to everything under the user’s passcode or TouchID. This means that photos, messages, file attachments, emails, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes and reminders can be protected by using a key that can only be unlocked by a user’s fingerprint. According to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, this passcode keeps the phone so secured that it can’t be bypassed. This will hopefully also resolve the issues popping up due to the hacking of iCloud account.

Android’s Lollipop version update boasts a new design, promises longer battery life, and seamless device switching. Google believes this to be their “largest, most ambitious release on Android.” Google’s Smart Lock system has brought in a lot of excitement for the users, thus making them feel safer and secured. With the system of Smart Lock, one doesn’t need to keep unlocking using the passcode, instead, they just need to bring a bluetooth or NFC connected device near the phone, and the phone screen will automatically get unlocked! Smarter ways indeed!

In a discussion, Arxan Technologies, the leading provider of application protection solutions rightly said that,

first step in learning how to protect and defend our applications from hackers is to think like one! Hackers are creative and extremely talented, and their ideas need to be hacked by the security technicians.

Easily available third party tools can create Trojans for the apps, leading to the same old story of hacking and misuse of data stored by apps.

In the past, protection for user data is something that users had to themselves work on, with whatever little knowledge they had to keep their data private. Now, default encryption for user data is being applied by two of the mobile industry's biggest players to provide intensified protection against surveillance and even theft.

After previous OS updates focused on improving design and the user experience, the surge in the number of mobile threats have practically made it necessary to improve security. The focus now is on total security of the app, right from the stage it is being developed.

Published on Feb 25, 2015
Written by Team Appknox


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